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List of English Girl’s Names

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Here’s the 1st section the list of girl’s names:

Name Description Popularity
Abbey Variant of Abigail **
Abbie Variant of Abigail **
Abigail Biblical name meaning ‘father of exaltation’ ****
Ada Pet forms of the girl’s names Adele or Adelaide *
Adelaide English form of the French name Adélaïde *
Adele English form of the French name Adéle ****
Adrienne Feminine of the name Adrian **
Agatha Good or honourable from agathos **
Agnes Pure, or holy from the word hagnos *
Aileen Variant of the girl’s name Eileen **
Alana Feminine form of Alan *
Alex Variant of the name Alexandra or Alexis ***
Alexandra From the words ‘Defender of Mankind’ and Warrior ***
Alice Based on the girl’s name Adelaide ****
Alina From the names Alina and Linda *
Alison Norman diminutive of Alice ***
Alma River in the Crimea **
Amanda Means loveable ****
Amber From the gemstone amber ****
Amelia A mix  between the names Emilia and Amalia *****
Amy Anglicized from Amee (old French) ****
Andrea Feminine form of the name Andrew **
Angela This name means Angelic ****
Ann English spelling of Anne *****
Annabelle Likely from Amabel ***
Anne From the hebrew girl’s name Hanna ****
Anthea From the Greek name Antheia **
April English form of aprilis. Also a month. ***
Arlene Probably based on Marlene or Charlene *
Ashley Derived from old English Ash and Wood **
Audrey From an old English name which means noble strength **
Ava Was a 9th century saint St Ava or Avis *****
Avril Taken from April **

Babs Pet form of the girl’s name Barbara **
Barbara Means foreign woman ***
Bea Short form of Beatrix or Beatrice ***
Beatrix Voyager/Blessed ***
Becky From the girl’s name Rebecca ***
Belinda Uncertain origin **
Bella Short form of Isabella ***
Bernice From Berenice *
Berry From the fruit **
Bertha Bright or famous *
Beryl A gemstone *
Bess From the English name Elizabeth *
Bet From the English name Elizabeth *
Beth From Elizabeth ****
Bethany Village outside Jerusalem ***
Betsy Pet form of Elizabeth **
Betty From the English girl’s name Elizabeth ***
Beverly From a Beaver Stream/Meadow **
Blanche Blonde, white or fair *
Bobbie Variant of the name Roberta **
Bonnie This English girl’s name mean fine, attractive, lovely *
Brenda Flaming sword *
Brianne The feminine of Brian *
Bridget Anglicized from Brighid **

Britney From Britain **
Brittany From Britain *
Brooke From the Brook ****
Camilla From the old Roman name Camillus **
Candice From Candace *
Cara To beloved *
Carissa Tender Touch *
Carla Feminine of Charles *
Carly Pet form of Carla **
Carmel Christian origins *
Carol Anglisized form of Carolus **
Caroline Anglisized form of Carolus **
Carrie Form of Caroline **
Cass Short for the girl’s name Cassandra *
Catherine A variant of the name Katherine ***
Cathy A short form of Catherine **
Charis From the Greek name haris to grace *
Charity Affection/’Love for fellow man’ **
Charlene Originates from the name Charles **
Charlie Pet name for Charles **
Charlotte From the name Charles *****
Chelsea Means Harbour, and place in London **
Cherida A mix between Cheryl and Phillida *
Cherish To treasure *
Cheryl Origins unknown, possibly from Cherry and Beryl ***
Chloe This name originate from the Greek name khlóē *****
Christina Feminine form of Christian **
Christine Form of the girl’s name Christina ***
Clara Feminine form of Clarus **
Clare A form of Clara **
Clarissa A version of the name Clarice **
Claudia Originates from the name Claudius **
Connie Pet form of Constance **
Courtney Popular in America from the place Courtnay in France *
Cynthia From the girl’s name Kynthia **

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