Origin, Meaning and Popularity

A female named Abigail is said to be beautiful and intelligent. The name Abigail is derived from the Hebrew and means a father’s joy.

The name originated from the Book of Samuel. King David’s third wife was named Abigail and she is considered one of the great women of the Bible.

Abigail’s popularity had dropped a bit during the 19th century. However during the 1970s, it regained popularity and it is still in the top 50 popular girl names today (52nd most popular baby girl’s name in England in 2015).

Variations in the Name

Abby, Abbey, Abi or Gail are often used as pet forms of the name Abigail.


Abigail is pronounced as AB-ih-gayl.

Characteristics of People with the Name

A famous Abigail is the actress Abigail Breslin
A famous Abigail is the actress Abigail Breslin

Females named Abigail tend to desire companionship and as a result tend to have a lot of friends. They have a need to love deeply and play just as hard.

A person with this name has a yearning for excitement and adventure. However they quest for inner peace and strive to help those around them achieve their inner peace.

They are in visionaries by nature and they need their freedom. They tend to rebel if being forced to follow rules and regulations. They are very energetic people however they can me unorganised and messy.

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