Origin of Adele

The English Adele name originally stems from the French name Adela. The popularity of Adele likely comes from the internationally recognized, twenty six year old, singer and songwriter from England with the name, Adele Adkins.

Popularity and Meaning

The Adele name may also of been made popular by Adele Silva, a famous actress from the United Kingdom or perhaps Adele Geras, a well known British author. According to the information provided from the government statistics, the popularity of the name Adele in 2013 was not very well received, which caused the Adele name to not fall within the top one hundred English girls baby names. Regardless of these statistics, the popularity of Adele will likely increase over the years once people find out the meaning of Adele. The meaning of Adele is to be an ethical human being. The meaning of Adele is also to be a human being with great character. Adele is a beautiful name for a baby girl and the name has received a four star rating from English Girls Names. The popularity of Adele as a name for a baby girl, will surely become much more popular as more people become accustom and familiar with the origin of the name.

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