Origin of the Name Alexandra

Alexandra is a feminine name which actually originate from Greece and from the male name Alexander (from the Greek name Alexandros).

Many people who have the name Alexandra are more commonly known as Alex.


The actual meaning of Alexandra is the ‘defender of men’ or put another way ‘the defender of mankind’.

How to Pronounce Alexandra?

Alexandra is pronounced as ‘Alex-and-dra’.

Famous People

The English singer Alexandra Burke
The English singer Alexandra Burke

There are many famous individuals with the name Alexandra. To list just a few of the famous:

  • Alexandra Feodorvna, Emperor from 1872 to 1918
  • Alexandra Burke, a singer and song writer from London who won the UK talent show the X Factor in 2008.
  • Charlotte Alexandra “Alex” Jones,  A TV presenter who hosts the ‘One Show’.
  • Alexandra Danilova, She was a famous dancer born in 1903. She died at age 93. She was a famous Russian ballerina

Popularity Of the Name Alexandra

This name didn’t become popular in Britain until in the 13th century. The name especially grew in popularity when King Edward Vll married an Alexandra.

The year 2015, Alexandra did not make it into the 100 most popular baby girls’ names in England (ONS data). It was last in the top 100 baby girls names in England in 2010.

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