Meaning and Origin of Alice

The name Alice dates back to medieval times in England and was used in The Canterbury Tales and it was the name of the Wife of Bath. The name also featured in the book Alice in Wonderland which was published in 1865.┬áThe name Alice has origins in both the Germanic and French cultures and its meaning is “noble kind; of noble sort”.


The name Alice is a common name in that in many countries, in England Alice was 37th most popular female name in 2012. In addition to having a high popularity rate in the England the name is popular in Sweden, the United States of America, Italy, France, Ireland, Germany, Greece, and Israel.

Celebrities with the Name

The name Alice is not only used in plays and books many celebrities have the honor or being called Alice, celebrities with this name include, British actress Alice Eve, Alice Barlow another famous actress/singer from England, American actress/model Alice Greczyn, and American novelist Alice Walker.

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