An intriguing inquiry, when choosing a baby’s name, or just out of curiosity, is to find out the origin and significance of any given name. This educational article will be pertinent to Alison name.

Meaning and Origin of Alison

The meaning of Alison is “Son of the Noble one.” Originally it was a male name, but over time it was adopted to females. The name has a dual French and English origin; it was a French nickname during medieval times, short for Alis. In Scotland it was first spelled Allison and recorded in the 12th century as a variation of little Alice.


The popularity of Alison is a bit varied; while the name is quite popular in Europe outside of the United Kingdom, among the favourite ones, in the Western world it hasn’t been so. The name Alison is widely regarded as a bit outdated. For instance, in the United States it last reached the top 1000 most popular names at 968th in 1946. In 1990 Alison was the 347th most popular name to be given to babies. In countries such as Brazil and Indonesia, it’s commonly used, either as a first name or as a middle name.

An interesting note is that, from the latest figures of the U.K. government, as late as 2013, Alison in any spelling didn’t enter the top 100 names.

Famous Females with the Name Alison

Some well known individuals are named Alison include:

  • Alison Weir, British novelist
  • Alison Moyet, Irish singer
  • Alison Krauss, American singer/songwriter
  • Alison “Ali” Hewson, wife of Irish musical group U2 front man Bono

The Alison name evokes nobility, purity, and high class. As such, it will continue to be used as an identifier well into the future.

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