Origin and Meaning of Amanda

The name Amanda is a beautiful and well known name. In the 17th century, English poets and playwrights began making this name very popular. The name first appeared on a birth certificate in 1212. The name Amanda meaning is worthy of being loved, or “She who must be loved.”

Those who carry the name Amanda are often cherished by those around them. It is a notable name, and those who bear it are often prominent people in whatever they do. The most popular nickname of those named Amanda would be the beloved Mandy.

Popularity of the Name

Amanda is not currently (2012) in the 100 most popular girl’s names in England. In 1974, the name ranked at 11th most popular baby name. However, since then it has been in a steady decline. In 1984, it ranked at 49th most popular baby name. The name is still fairly prevalent among older generations,

Famous People Called Amanda

Famous people named Amanda include Amanda  Holden the English actress and entertainer who was a presenter on the game show Britain has talent,  Amanda Bynes an actress, Amanda Borden an American athlete, and Amanda Abbington an actress who has starred in many British programmes including the Bill, Sherlock and Doctor Martin.

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