Meaning and Origin of the Name Amber

The name Amber was originally given to both male and female genders. The Amber name is also a middle eastern name. Amber is also known as a fossilized tress as well as an orange-yellowish colour in the colour palette.

The meaning of Amber in Arabic means Jewel.


The popularity of Amber was mainly popular in the UK and North America. The name Amber was also showcased on the top 100 list of names for young girls in England and in 2013 Amber was the 65 most popular baby girls’s name.

Variation of the Name

The name Amber also has many different versions including Ambre, Ambrette, Amberlynn, Amberleigh, Ambar, Amberly and Ambra.

Famous People Called Amber

There are also many famous and notable people who share the name Amber. These people including everyone from Amber Tamblyn who is an actress,  Amber MacArthur who is a tv and internet personality from Canada, Amber Campisi, an model and Playmate and Amber Valetta who is an American model and actress.

Not only are there plenty of famous people that share this name, but there are also quite a few characters on television shows with this same name. These characters in Amber from the popular tv series Hannah Montana, Amber Volakis from the tv show House and Amber, who also goes by the name February in the anime tv series Darker Than Black.

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