Name Amelia

Amelia is a very popular English girl’s name.

Meaning of the Name

Amelia is a modern name that it is likely to originate from the combination of the names Emilia and Amalia.

Amalia is derived from the Germanic word ‘amal’ which means “a hard worker”.


Amelia is the most popular baby girl’s name in England according to the recent statistics released by the Office for National Statistics (in 2011 & 2012). It is the 2nd most popular baby girl’s name in Wales according to the same data.

Famous People with the Name Amelia

Here are a few people with the 1st name Amelia:

  • Amelia Earhart – was the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic. This famous lady had a Hollywood film created about her life staring Hillary Swank and Richard Gere.
  • Amelia Driver – an English actress better known as Minnie Driver.
  • Amelia Bullmore – actresses who’s appeared on the TV programmes Alan Partridge and Coronation Street.


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