Meaning and Origin of Amy

The name Amy originated from the Old French word for ‘beloved,’ or Amée. It was popular in the middle ages, but the popularity of Amy declined until the 19th century, when it rose again. As of 2012, the name Amy is the 62nd most popular name for baby girls in England and Wales. Its popularity, however, has been declining since the turn of the century.

Famous People with the Name

Since most parents want to give their child a recognizable name, they often look for famous figures with the same first name. There are several famous people named Amy. Examples include British singer Amy Winehouse, American Actress Amy Adams, English aviatrix Amy Johnson, British impressionist and comedian Amy Phillips and Amy Garnett, an English rugby player.


Amy does not have to be a child’s real name though. Amy can also be short for Amelia, which is still a fairly popular name with a few famous people, such as American pilot Amelia Earhart or English Actress Amelia “Minnie” Driver, associated with it.

Amy meaning ‘beloved,’ is a name that is strongly rooted in history. Although its popularity in Britain is declining, it is unlikely to go out of fashion any time soon.

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