Origin and Meaning of the Name Andrea

Almost all Caucasian, Slavic, and Near East cultures widely use the female name Andrea in some form. It’s origins are extremely ancient. It comes from the Greek word anēr, which refers to the original nature of humanity. The masculine word andrós, meaning “man” emerged. Then the name Andrew was formed.

This proper name is traced back at least to the first century A.D. Saint Andrew was one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus in the New Testament.

The meaning of Andrea is a feminine form of Andrew, but still carries a close association with masculinity. Perhaps, this is why the popularity of Andrea has waned in recent decades. In many countries, Andrea and Andreas are exclusively male names.


The past popularity of the female name Andrea in Europe, likely came from the expansion of the Medieval and Napoleonic French Empires. Andre has always been one of the most common masculine French names. Daughters of important Andres often took a form of their father’s name. In first world nations like England, Canada, and the US, where masculine and feminine name forms are less strict, Andrea is popular for first and middle girls names.

Unfortunately Andrea was not in the 100 most popular baby girls’ names in 2013 in England.

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