Annabelle, the graceful, beautiful baby

Annabelle is a baby name meaning the graceful, beautiful baby. It is a combination of Anna which is a form of Channah/Hannah meaning “favor” or “grace”, and Belle which is short for Isabella meaning “beautiful.”

The Origin And Meaning Of Annabelle

The name Annabelle was derived from Latin origin from the name Amabel.

The meaning of Amabel is loving, lovable, and beautiful. Annabelle is a combination of Anna and Belle. Anna is a Latin form of Channah, (also known as Hannah) meaning “favor” or “grace.” Belle is short for Isabella. Bella is derived from the Latin and Italian words for “beauty” and the French words meaning “beautiful”.
The name Annabelle has a combined meaning of beautiful and grace.

Variations Of Annabelle

Variations of Annabelle includes Annabel. It is likely from Amabel.

The Latin meaning of the name Amabel is beautiful, loving, and lovable. Another variation is Annabel, made popular by an Edgar Allen Poe poem.

Popularity Of Annabelle

Annabelle was popular early in the 20th century. Famous people named Annabel include English socialite, Lady Annabel Goldsmith; the author, Annabel Karmel; and British tennis player, Annabel Croft. The popularity of the name Annabelle made a resurgence in the mid 1990s.

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