Meaning & Origin of the Name Anthea

Anthea, a girl’s name, means flowery. It is from the Greek word ‘anthos’ meaning flower or blossom. So the meaning of Anthea can also be translated as Lady of Flowers and was used by the goddess Hera.

Popularity of the Name

The popularity of Anthea was not in the top 100 girls names in England in 2014, so it is a great name if you want a floral type name that isn’t common.

How to Pronounce Anthea?

Anthea is pronounced as “AN-thee-a”.

Famous People with the Name

There are quite a few famous ladies who bare the name Anthea.

There’s Anthea Askey, an English actress who was popular in the 1950’s. Anthea Bell, a British translator and Anthea Turner, an English television presenter and media personality. Anthea Redfern, a British television hostess and Anthea Benton, a British television and music video director.
Anthea is also found in literature. Anthea Bradbury-Scot is a character in one of Agatha Christy’s mystery novels titled “Nemesis”. Anthea is the name of a character in a book by E. Nesbit called “Five Children and It.” Georgette Heyers novel, “The Unknown Ajax” the name Anthea is used for one of the main characters.

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