Summary of the name April:

  • Meaning: After the month.
  • Origin: English
  • Popularity: not in the top 100 girl’s names in England.

Meaning and Origin of the Name April

Although not listed in the top 100 girls names in England (2012), according to the Office of National Statistics, April is still a popular choice among new parents. Rooted in English, the name April invokes a feeling of newness and youthful vigour. Both the English and American meaning of the name April, are similar. It symbolises the awakening of flowers or buds in spring. Children that are given this name tend to be happy, likeable and fully of energy.

Notable/ Famous People Name April

– April Janet Pearson, English actress from Bristol, UK
– April Macie, American comedian, writer, actress and TV personality from Allentown, Pennsylvania
– April Jeanette Mendez, American professional wrestler from Union City, New Jersey
– April Ashley, English model and famous restaurant hostess from Liverpool, England
– April Angelis, Notable English dramatist

Useful Resources

If your thinking about giving your daughter a name, once you understand the meaning of the name April, a spring time flowering bud, it may be hard to decide on another. For more information about other fun and interesting girl’s names you can visit www.englishgirlsnames.co.uk.

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