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Meaning of the Norma

Norma Jean Mortenson better know as Marilyn Monroe
Norma Jean Mortenson better know as Marilyn Monroe

When considering the name Norma for their baby girl, expectant parents should know that it was not one of the 100 most popular baby names in 2015 in England. That does not mean that it is not a good name, just that the popularity of Norma is not so great that it is used all of the time.

The meaning of Norma is rule or pattern. It is a pretty name that has not been used often, but that is yet familiar enough that it sounds good as a baby girl’s name. It has been given to a few famous people, and a play, and it is a wonderful classic name that every parent should consider for their new baby girl.

Famous People Called Norma

The name was owned by a few famous people through the years, and one of those is Norma Major. She is the wife of the former British Prime Minister.

Another celebrity with the name Norma was Marilyn Monroe. Norma was her given name (Norma Jean Mortenson). And there is also an opera named Norma.

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Meaning of the Name Queenie

The meaning of Queenie is from the old Gaelic that mean cwen or woman.

It is a lovely name for a girl with a big personality, and it helps a girl be unique when she is around a lot of girls who might have normal names. She will feel special, and you can create a lot of nicknames around her name. The nickname Q comes to mind instantly, and anyone who wants to name their daughter Queenie will be happy to know that she is a character in the new Harry Potter movies.

Popularity of the Name

The name Queenie has not been in the top 100 names in England. The names was only really popular in the 18th centuary.

Personality of Someone Called Queenie

You can give this name to your girl when you know that she is going to have this big personality, and you can give it to her when she has a big personality, You have to be sure that you have thought it over, and you will see it start to come back now that there is a Harry Potter character has this name, is beautiful and people are falling in love with every day in the theatres.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Kim

The English actress Kim Catrall
The English actress Kim Catrall

The name Kim, which is often short for Kimberly, in an English given name. It is typically seen as an effeminate name, however, it actually originated as a shortened version of Kimball, the name of the male protagonist in Rudyard Kipling’s book, Kim.

The English meaning of Kim comes from the Old English word cynebeald, which means “bold kin,” or “bold king.”

Popularity of the Name Kim

The popularity of Kim has seen a drop in recent years. It was most common in the 1960’s. During 1960, in particular, it was the 34th most common given girls name in the United States, according to the Social Security Administration. In 2015, however, it was the 2,526th most common name. This is, however, an increase from the previous year, when it was only 2,558th most common.

Famous People Called Kim

Notable Kims Kim Kardashian, a television entertainer, model and business woman, Kim Cattrall, an English-Canadian actress who is best known for her role in the television series Sex and the City, and Kim Basinger who is a former fashion model turned actress.

Kim Kardashian is a popular American reality television celebrity.

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Meaning and History of the Name Flora

The name Flora means flower. It is the name for the Roman goddess.

It has been used as a name since the Renaissance, beginning in France. The origin of the name is Italian. It is a unique name. It is such a simple name, yet so pretty. The name was born in Roman mythology.

The meaning of Flora means being pleasant, home-loving, courteous and outgoing. It also means compassionate and a great lover.

Popularity of the Name

It was in the top list of popular names in the 1880’s and 1890’s. It is popular in European countries especially in Hungary and France. In Scotland, Flora is also a favourite name.

The popularity of Flora went down in 1972 but it remains popular in some places. In 2015, Flora was not in the top 100 girls names in England.

Variations in the Name

Florence and Florrie are variations on the name Flora.

Famous People Called Flora

Some famous people with this name are the mother of Walt Disney, Coquerel, Miss France Universe 2015, Purim, Brazilian jazz singer and Nolan, daughter of director Christopher Nolan and producer Emma Thomas.

There are tons of famous women out there with this name. It is also a Latin baby name.

Meaning and History of the Name Flora

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Irene

The name Irene is typically given to a baby girl. This is a name of English origin. The meaning of Irene refers to a goddess of peace in the mythology version.

In the English view, the name Irene is actually interpreted as a Latin form of Eirênê. This is the Greek form and the Irene pronunciation. The English Irene pronunciation is eye-REEN-ee.

Notable and Famous Irene’s

There are indeed some very famous people with the given name Irene. They are noteworthy and well-known ladies. A sample of famous Irene’s include:

  • Irene Cara Escalera; This famous Irene was born in New York. She is an actress as well as a singer. She even earned a Golden Globe nomination for her talents. She is best known for the song “Fame.”
  • Irene Barberis; This famous Irene is an artist who was born in England. She earned her PhD. She attended Victorian College of the Arts and Melbourne University. She holds some very impressive titles and is a gifted artist.
  • Irene Molloy; This Irene is American. She is a famous singer, songwriter and actress.

Popularity in 2015

In the year 2015,the popularity of Irene was not noteworthy. It did not make it within the top 100 most popular girl names in England.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Madonna

The famous singer and actress, Madonna

The name Madonna is a feminine name that is derived from the Italian origin.

The meaning of Madonna is “my lady,” and many are familiar with the name because of the famous singer, Madonna.


The name became popular in the 1900’s, and became even more prominent and highly used in the United States during 1930-1939. The name, Madonna, is not currently on the top of the lists, but is a name that has been around for many years.

The popularity of Madonna is not a current name in high demand. There are approximately 9,000 people in the US that are named Madonna since 1880. In fact, the Social Security Administration has recorded that 9,498 babies have been born within the time frame of 1880-2015.

The highest record year that has been the most popular for the name was in 1955, with a boasting total of 212 babies being born. Although the name has not been popular for many years, people will always remember the meaning behind the name, and the famous singer born with “my lady.”

Famous People Called Madonna

There is only one famous Madonna and that’s the American singer and actress Madonna Louise Ciccone. She was particularly popular in the 1980’s and 1990’s with hits like ‘Holiday’ and ‘Like a prayer’.

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The Beautiful Girl’s name Florrie

Florrie is a beautiful English name that is old-school and highly valued. Learn more about the origin, meaning and popularity of the name Florrie below.

Meaning of Florrie

Flora Roman Goddess
Flora the Roman Goddess of flowers

The name Florrie is derived from the latin word Flora, which is the mythological roman goddess of Spring, flowers, and nature.

Popularity of Florrie

According to the latest stats by the government (2015), Florrie was not in the top 100 of baby names in England . This makes it a rare and unique name.

Famous People Called Florrie

There are many famous English people with the name Florrie, here are a few below:

  • Florence (Florrie) Ellen Arnold – a famous current English pop star and model who will release her debut album in 2016.
  • Florrie Forde – a famous Australian singer and entertainer in the early 1900’s. She ran away from home at the age of sixteen to start her music career!
  • Florrie Duggar – a previous American child actress who later joined the Air Force Medical Corps


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Origin of the Name Ethel

The name Ethel originated in the 19th century. It’s a feminine old English name. It was the first element of Anglo Saxon names. People named Ethel had originated in eight counties, including the United Kingdom. Ethel has been used as both a name for boys and girls. It is more common as a girl’s name.

Meaning of Ethel

Ethel means noble and righteous.

Popularity of Ethel

About 0.003 percent of the world population is named Ethel. In 1890, Ethel had reached its peak of popularity before a gradual decline and disappearing in the middle of the 20th century. In 2015, Ethel did not make the 100 most popular baby girls’ names in England.

Famous People Named Ethel

Ethel Armitage was an English archer who competed in the 1908 Summer Olympics. Armitage came in 6th place.

Ethel Bentham was a British suffragist in the second decade of the 20th century. She had many occupations, including a women’s doctor, specialising in midwifery, and a radical politician. Bentham was a member of many female organisations and ran unsuccessfully as a member of the Labour party for Kensington City Council.

Ethel Smyth was a member of the women’s suffrage movement and was a composer. She wrote many operas, including Der Wald in 1903.

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Origin of the Name Miranda

Miranda Hart a popular English actress
Miranda Hart a popular English actress

The name Miranda was created by William Shakespeare for the daughter in the play “The Tempest” in 1611.

It took three centuries for Miranda to be accepted as a name for an English baby girl.

Meaning of Miranda

The origin of Miranda is Latin. It means worthy of admiration.

Popularity of Miranda

The popularity of Miranda was very strong in England in 1996. It fell of the popularity chart in 2005 and still was not in the top 100 baby girls’ names in 2015.

Famous People Named Miranda

English writer Miranda Carter, who goes by the pen name MJ Carter, was born in 1965. English actress Miranda Connell is best known for her role as Lady Agatha in The Admiral Crichton.

Miranda Cooper is a popular English singer who has four top hits including “Round Round”.

Miranda Hart is a successful British comedian and actress best known for the radio series, “Miranda’s Joke Shop.”

Miranda Hill, a British social performer who worked to help with major housing projects. English actress Miranda Raison is best known for “Spooks” with Scarlett Johansson.

English broadcaster and journalist Miranda Sawyer began her career in 1988 with the magazine Smash Hits.

Finally Miranda Seymour, who has written many biographies including Mary Shelley.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Kayley

The name Kayley is female. It’s a modern form of Katherine, a combination of Kay and Lee. Kayley only goes back to the 1990s in England. It has some spelling variations like Kayley, Kaylie, and Kayleigh.

Meaning of Kayley

The British meaning of Kayley means keeper of the keys.

Popularity of Kayley

Kayley is a rather modern name that was introduced to the chart in 1996. It was at its highest but started to slide and level off in 1997. Kayley remained steady until the year 2000, droping a little and beginning to pick up a little in 2003.

It slid in 2004 and was gone in 2005, only to return in 2006. In 2007, Kayley fell off the chart and hasn’t been back since. It was never more popular that number 293.

Famous People Named Kayley

Famous people named Kayley couldn’t be found, however, Kayleigh Pearson is an English model who was born in 1985 in Bath, Somerset, England.

Kayleigh Morton is a fictitious character from the British series “Coronation Street.”

Kayleigh is also used as a last name as in Layla Kayleigh in 1985 in London, England. She’s a British television personality.

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