Ava Girls Name – Meaning & Popularity

Name Ava

Ava is a short and sweet English girl’s name. Ava is currently one of the most popular girl’s names in England.


The meaning of Ava is uncertain possibly the name has Germanic origins.  There was a 9th century saint call St. Ava or Avia.

Popularity of the Name Ava

According to the recent information released by the government Ava is the 5th most popular baby girl’s name in England in 2013. This English name is more popular in Wales being placed in 3rd position.

Famous People Called Ava

Here is a list of a few famous people how have the first name of Ava.

  • Ava Gardner – Was an American actress who was married to Frank Sinatra.
  • Ava Vidal – is an English comedian who has appeared on E4 and the BBC.
  • Eva Herzigová – is a Czech model and actress who was famous for her “Hello boys” poster.


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