Popularity of Barbara

One of the names that has been used often in the UK is Barbara. Barbara is not in the list of top 100 names in the UK as of 2013, but it has been something that has been popular in years gone by. It is one of the names that individuals may be considering for their daughter. The name Barbara has often been used in modern British times.


The meaning of Barbara comes from the Greek and it’s literal translation means foreign. It may also mean mysterious woman. In Spanish, Portuguese and Italian it means barbarian or barbarican. Barbara was supposedly martyred by her father and took on a mysterious meaning.

The popularity of Barbara as a name may have reached it’s height of popularity in the 1970’s in the UK, but as of 2013 the name was not widely used in Britain.

Famous People with the First Name Barbara

There are several famous Barbara’s including Barbara Stanwyck, Barbra Streisand, Barbara McClintock and Barbara Windsor. Thus showing it has been a popular name throughout the years both in the UK and the US. Barbara like many other names has waxed and waned in popularity throughout the years.

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