Meaning and Origin Beatrice

Beatrice, derived from the Latin Beatrix, is an Italian girls name. There are several different suggestions as to what the meaning of Beatrice is. Common meanings include “voyager” or “traveler,” derived from the Latin male name Viator. However the most common meaning is thought to be “holly” or “blessed”. This meaning comes from the related name Viatrix which spelling is thought to have been altered by the name Beatuce, meaning “blessed” or “the one who donates happiness.”

Beatrice is an old name and the popularity of Beatrice has stood the test of time. It is often used in royal families but is not uncommon in the common population. Popular nicknames for the Beatrice name include “Bea” and “Trixie.”


Beatrice ranked as the 93rd most popular girls name in England in 2013, although it is much less popular in the United States, ranking at number 593.

Famous People Called Beatrix

The name is well known for its role in Dante’s poem “La Vita Nouva” which is inspired by his muse Beatrice Potinari who he only met twice in nine years. It was also used for the for the strong female lead in Shakespeare’s play “Much Ado About Nothing.”

Two well known modern authors with the closely related “Beatrix” include Beatrix Potter and Beatrix Campbell.

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