Bernice And Its Meaning

Bernice Thomas from the English soap opera Emmerdale.
Bernice Thomas from the English soap opera Emmerdale.

The name Bernice mean the bringer of victory, and you will find it in scriptures from long ago. It is one of those fascinating names that you may give a girl that you want to give a special nickname. There are many families that want to call a girl Bernie because that may be their father’s or grandfather’s name, and these families will shorten that name in many different ways.

The warrior that lives inside a girl named Bernice is a very strong woman who has yet to be released. The meaning of Bernice will star to mean something to girls the older that they get, and these girls will take on many nicknames that will be exciting in their own way.


The popularity of Bernice has not even hit the top 100, but that is because certain people think of it as a name for an old lady. This name is more versatile than that, and these women will start to change their name the older they get. They may adapt to the way the way they want to perceived, and the name Bernice will be beautiful on many girls and women who need a name that is wholly unique.

Famous People Called Bernice

  • Bernice King – an American minister and daughter of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Bernice Blackstock – a fictional character from Emmerdale (a popular British soap opera)
  • Bernice Liu – an actress and singer from Hong Kong.
  • Bernice Gordon – a person who creates award winning crosswords for papers including The New York Times.

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