Meaning of the Name Beth

The name Beth is typically derived from a few different sources. Many people shorten the name Elizabeth down to Beth when they are talking with close friends or family members. The name Elizabeth actually has biblical origins, since it originally meant an “abundance of God” or “God’s promise.” Elizabeth appeared in the Old Testament as the wife of Aaron. The name Beth can also be derived from Bethany, which has been increasingly popular over the past few years.

The meaning of Beth has also been changed over the past few years as well. It is often used endearingly for women who are named Elizabeth or Bethany. The meaning of Beth has also changed thanks to many literary characters being given this moniker. There is a character in “Little Women” that is named Beth, for instance.


The popularity of Beth as a name peaked in the 1960s and declined thereafter in the United States. It has seen continued use in many different English speaking countries, such as Canada and England and the rest of the UK.  In 2012, Beth was not in the top 100 English baby girls’ names but Elizabeth was in 38th and Bethany was in 73rd position.

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