Meaning and Origin of Bethany

Bethany is a popular name in Britain however the origins of this female given name ┬áis Hebrew in origin and appears in the Bible. Bethany is the name of the village close to the city of Jerusalem and it was documented in the New Testament as it was the home of Lazarus (and his two sisters Martha & Mary), as well as where Jesus stayed during Holy week before he travelled on to Jerusalem. According to the Gospel of John it is also the site of the miracle in which Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. It is believed to be the present-day city of al-Eizariya on the south-eastern slope of the Mount of Olives. The Bethany name also became popular in the 19th century, primarily with Catholics in honour of Mary of Bethany. The meaning of Bethany is “house of God” however the meaning of Bethany can also be “house of figs.”

Popularity of Bethany

Currently the popularity of Bethany places it at the 73rd most popular baby girl’s name in England according to the Office of National Statistics as of 2012.

Famous People

Some famous bearers of the Bethany name are: Bethany Hamilton the American surfer and Bethany Joy Lenz the American singer and actress as well as the name of many beautiful cities across the globe.

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