Meaning and Origin of the Beautiful Name Beverly

Choosing the right name for your newborn baby girl is an important task and a big responsibility for parents. After all, your child will be using this name her entire life. The name popularity of Beverly is worthy of some consideration. The Beverly name is properly pronounced “BEV-er-lee”.

The Beverly name is an old English name and has been loved by many people over time. The name meaning of Beverly is “one who dwells by the beaver stream” or simply, “stream”. The popularity of Beverly has gone up and down in the past fifty years or so, but as of last year it has been on an upswing.


Beverley was not in the top 100 names in England in 2013.

Famous People Called Beverly

Regardless of the popularity and meaning of Beverly, it does seem to be a good choice these days. Being an old name it often brings to mind some famous people who also claim the Beverly name such as Beverly D’Angelo, Beverly Cleary and Beverly Sills.

Why Choose this Name?

The meaning of Beverly may or not mean something to the parents but often the the sound and rhythm of the name become an important aspect when choosing the baby’s honourable designation. A three syllable first name often works well with a one or sometimes two syllable middle name such as Beverly Ann or Beverly Sarah.

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