Origin and Meaning of the Name Britney

The name Britney is a female name which has English and Latin origins. 
Many of our names and words came from Latin and English and the meaning of Britney or Brittany means Great Britain in the Latin terms. In the English version of Britney or Brittany for many the name means Little Britain. The meaning of Britney originates when the Celtics came to England from France and had spelled their version of Britney as Bretagne and from there the name was changed in a variety of ways.The spellings for Britney are, Brittani, Brittania, Brittney and Brittny.

Popularity of Britney

In the United Kingdom especially areas of England and Wales it is popular name (however not in the top 100 girl’s names in England in 2012). It is more popular is in the United States gaining in popularity from the 1970’s. Britney is even less popular in Australia where very few parents will use this particular name for their daughter.

Famous People with the Name Britney

The most famous person with the name Britney is Britney Spears. She is a female singer and actress who hit the big time when she features on the Disney channel and made it as a singer/entertainer with the track ‘Hit me baby one more time’.

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