The Popularity of the Name Brooke

Brooke is a beautiful name and is used world wide. Brooke name is the 68th most popular girl’s name in England (in 2013). Brooke has a lovely and natural ring to it and is a name that has been popular for a 100 years or more. The popularity of Brooke is most likely due to it’s all natural connotations. However people may wish to know what is the meaning of Brooke.

Meaning of the Name Brooke

The meaning of Brooke according to the Book of Baby names not surprisingly, means a small stream. Brook or a small stream breaking, or from the brook, comes from the Middle English. It is nice to see a small steam on a warm summer day and maybe some babies have even been conceived beside a stream or brook, so using the Brooke name might just seem appropriate.

Famous People with the Name

Several celebrities bear the name Brooke, these would include Brooke Shields, Brooke Hogan and Brooke Vincent. The name Brooke will most likely continue to be popular for some time to come, as small streams are certainly not going to go out of style.

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