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Meaning of the name Honey

The name Honey is a simple exciting English girl’s name. In retrospective, the meaning of honey is sweet, borrowing similarities with nature of actual food honey. Cross comparison meaning, include adorable, beloved or sweetheart. The name has a frequent mention in households to display tender affection to others.

The popularity of honey is intermediate, according to the office for national statistics 2015 report, the name did not feature on the top 100 shared. This makes it an ideally ripe name for the newborn.

Traits of People with the Name

Experts on naming often state that people with the name honey tend to possess a stable persona. They stand up for a true and just cause. Many try to use their skills to impact others in a positive manner. They value their belief and ready to open the world to them.

Meaning of the name Honey

Popular figures that have adopted the name include TV personality Fearne Cotton for her second child. It was also featured in the James Bond novel and movie. Actor Jack Nicholson’s daughter holds a similar name. Ironically, one of the drummers of the honeycomb band holds the name legally. Across borders, the popularity of honey is upheld with several accomplished people having the same.

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The meaning of the name Melinda

The name Melinda is a baby girl name and has different meanings in different areas of the world:

  • The meaning of Melinda means Gentle in Greek. This name is a Greek baby name.
  • The American meaning for the name Melinda also means: Gentle (most like after the Greek name).
  • However, the name Melinda is Latin means Honey
  • and the English version of the name Melinda is actually a mix of the names Melissa and Linda.

Traits of People with the name

Melinda Messenger a Famous English Melinda
Melinda Messenger a Famous English Melinda

The numerology of the name Melinda for people who have this name naturally have a need to work with other people, as well as have a strong desire to have a stable and great relationship with their family, as well as a great community.

People with this name are also extremely dedicated to having a solid foundation of both order and service in their lives. They may also be a bit quick-tempered and overly cautious, but they’re also really good at managing and saving their money.

Popularity of the Name Melinda

The popularity of Melinda was quite popular in 1973 at number 72nd in the US. However, in 1990, it was only one of the top 1000 names in the United States until 2002 where its popularity decreased again.

In 2015 it was not in the top 100 baby girls’ names in England.

Famous People Called Melinda

There are quite a few popular and successful leading ladies that also share the name Melinda:

  • Melinda Messenger the English model and TV host.
  • Melinda Bush (Illinois Senator)
  • Melinda Clarke (American Actress)
  • Melinda Gates (Philanthropist and wife of Bill Gates)
  • Melinda Gainsford-Taylor (Australian athlete)
  • Melinda Lo (American author)
  • Melinda Saxe (American magician)

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Louise

Searching for baby names for your coming baby girl can be really overwhelming. There are so many pretty names out there, Louise being one of them.

Louise is the feminine form of the name Louis. In England the name started being used in the 17th century. The meaning of Louise is very famous in war.

Popularity of Louise

Louise is a very popular name. In the year 2009, the Louise name was given to 277 babies in England., however in 2014 it wasn’t in the top 100 baby girls’ names. The name has also been used in Royal homes all over England. For example, the daughter to Prince Edward who is named Louise. There are many popular people who carried and carry the name Louise. Such popular people include;

Louise Bryant
She was an American journalist born in the year 1885 and passed away in the year 1936. She was also a feminist. Bryant was married to John Reed who was a very famous writer.

Louise Fletcher
She is a renowned actress. She is known for her role as Karen Carpenter in the Karen Carpenter show. Also, she is known for her role as Nurse Ratched in One Flew over Cuckoo’s Nest. She also won an academy award for best actress of the year, courtesy of that role.

Louise Rednap
A female singer and TV celebrity who is married to the ex-English footballer Jamie Rednap.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Beryl

The name Beryl is a female name of Greek origin. The meaning of Beryl is a pale green precious stone from Sanskrit. It was the eighth biblical stone in the New Jerusalem wall.

Beryl was first used in the 19th century.

Beryl’s Popularity

Beryl’s popularity was more so in the British Isles than in the United States during the late 19th century through the middle 20th century. Beryl’s popularity peaked in Britain in the 1930s. Beryl is one of 10 vintage girls’ names that seems headed back to popularity.

Last year, according to British birth records, three baby girls were named Beryl in 2014. Despite Beryl’s resurgence, the name wasn’t considered one of the 100 most popular girl’s names for 2014.

Famous People Named Beryl

English television producer, Beryl Ventue founded and chaired Hartswood Films, an independent production company back in 1988.

Dame Beryl Margaret Bainbridge from Liverpool, England, was the recipient for the Witbread awards in 1977 and 1996 for best novel. Bainbridge was nominated 5 times for the Booker prize because of her outstanding writing.

Beryl has become a popular name for fictional characters. Beryl Patmore is the cook in the ITV series, Downtown Abbey.

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Origin and Meaning of the Name Andrea

Almost all Caucasian, Slavic, and Near East cultures widely use the female name Andrea in some form. It’s origins are extremely ancient. It comes from the Greek word anēr, which refers to the original nature of humanity. The masculine word andrós, meaning “man” emerged. Then the name Andrew was formed.

This proper name is traced back at least to the first century A.D. Saint Andrew was one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus in the New Testament.

The meaning of Andrea is a feminine form of Andrew, but still carries a close association with masculinity. Perhaps, this is why the popularity of Andrea has waned in recent decades. In many countries, Andrea and Andreas are exclusively male names.


The past popularity of the female name Andrea in Europe, likely came from the expansion of the Medieval and Napoleonic French Empires. Andre has always been one of the most common masculine French names. Daughters of important Andres often took a form of their father’s name. In first world nations like England, Canada, and the US, where masculine and feminine name forms are less strict, Andrea is popular for first and middle girls names.

Unfortunately Andrea was not in the 100 most popular baby girls’ names in 2013 in England.

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Meaning of the English Name Deirdre

Deirdre is a girl’s name that originates from England. The meaning of Deirdre is from the Celtic name Deirdre who was a ‘legend of the sorrows’.

Popularity of the Name Deirdre

One of the names that has interested people throughout time is the name Deirdre. Deirdre was not in the 100 most popular popular baby girls’s name in England in 2013 which is the year of the latest government statistics. However, it has been popular during various periods of time.

The name peaked in the 1960’s with over 160 million babies being named Deirdre. This is one of the names that has slowly lost popularity over time in the UK. The loss of popularity  may be due to the fact it is a strong name but can be difficult for some to say and spell. However, this is a name no doubt will rise in popularity again.

Famous People with the Name

Some of the famous people who have had the name Deirdre include Deirdre Barlow- the popular actress from Coronation Street and Deirdre  Lovejoy the US actress. The name Deirdre is one that is familiar to many English people. It does have a long tradition in England.

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Origin of the Name Lauren

The Lauren name is a variant of the boy’s name Laurence. It was originally a boy’s name until the actress Betty Jean Perske (1924 – 2014) adopted Lauren Bacall as her stage name. Today, Lauren can be used both for sexes, but it is more commonly used as a girl’s name.

Meaning of the Name Lauren

The meaning of Lauren is “from Laurentum.” Lauren is derived from Laurence which comes from the Latin Laurentius. Laurentum was a city in ancient Italy and its name probably came from the Latin laurus, which means “laurel”.


The popularity of Lauren is high but declining in the United States. While it is less popular now than it was in the 1990s, it is still the 91st most common girl’s name in the U.S. It is even more popular is Canada (75th), Scotland (74th), and Northern Ireland (78th). It is the 73rd most popular name in the Netherlands, and its popularity is growing. It is the 21st most popular girl’s name in Ireland. Lauren is less popular in England and Wales, where it is only the 126th most popular girl’s name.

Famous People with the Name

  • Lauren Branning the fictional character from the TV series EastEnders
  • Lauren Conrad is an American TV celebrity and fashion designer

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Origin of the Name Alexandra

Alexandra is a feminine name which actually originate from Greece and from the male name Alexander (from the Greek name Alexandros).

Many people who have the name Alexandra are more commonly known as Alex.


The actual meaning of Alexandra is the ‘defender of men’ or put another way ‘the defender of mankind’.

Famous People

There are many famous individuals with the name Alexandra. To list just a few of the famous:

  • Alexandra Feodorvna, Emperor from 1872 to 1918
  • Alexandra Burke, a singer and song writer from London who won the UK talent show the X Factor in 2008.
  • Charlotte Alexandra “Alex” Jones,  A TV presenter who hosts the ‘One Show’.
  • Alexandra Danilova, She was a famous dancer born in 1903. She died at age 93. She was a famous Russian ballerina

Popularity Of the Name Alexandra

This name didn’t become popular in Britain until in the 13th century. The name especially grew in popularity when King Edward Vll married an Alexandra.

The year 2013, Alexandra did not make it into the 100 most popular baby girls’ names in England (ONS data).

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Origin and Meaning of the Name Pamela

The poet Sir Philip Sidney (1554 – 1586) coined the Pamela name in the late 16th century. He used it as a name for a character in his poem “The Countess of Pembroke’s Arcadia,” which is also known as “Arcadia.” Pamela was a duke’s daughter who is wooed by a prince.

The meaning of Pamela is believed to be “all sweetness” or “all honey.” Sidney is thought to have combined the Greek words for “all” (pan) and “honey” (meli) to create the name.

The name Pamela began to be used as a given name after 1740, when Samuel Richardson wrote the novel, Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded. Pamela is often shortened to “Pam.”


The popularity of Pamela is now low in the United States. It had been one of the pop 25 girl’s names from the late 40s through the late 60s, but it has since fallen out of fashion. It is currently the 964th most popular name in the United States. It is even less popular in the UK, and it wasn’t in the top 100 most popular girl’s names in 2013.

Famous People with the Name

  • Pamela Anderson – a female model and star of the hit TV series Baywatch
  • Pamela Stephenson – an actress and wife of Billy Connolly

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Facts about Jenny as a Name

English parents who choose to name their child Jenny name that child as one “whom God has made gracious” or is “fair and yielding.” When expanding the meaning of Jenny into Celtic names, Jenny also means a “white wave”.


Those parents curious as to the meaning of Jenny as a name will be pleased to know that the name’s roots actually come from a diminution of Jennifer. Jenni, Jennie, and Jeny are commonly accepted alternative spellings of the name Jenny.

Popularity of Jenny

As to the parents who are curious about the popularity of Jenny, it did not place within the 100 most popular names among the latest English polls in 2013.

Celebrities and Other Notable Individuals Named Jenny

  • Jenny Agutter, OBE, is an English actress of the stage and screen whose notable roles include Alex in “An American Werewolf in London” and Jessica 6 in Logan’s Run.
  • Jenny McCudden is an Irish newscaster and writer.
  • Jenny Nimmo is a British writer known for her “Charlie Bone” series of fiction books.
  • Jenny, the eponymous character in the “Doctor Who” episode entitled “The Doctor’s Daughter”.

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