Origin of the Name Chelsea

The name Chelsea is associated with the London Chelsea Synods. The main Synod was offiated over by King Offa of Mercia. Today, this Synod of Chelsea is affiliated with the Borough of Kensington. The name Chelsea is an Old English origin. The name has many spelling variations. When England ruled over the 13 colonies, many places including Chelsea, Massachusetts were named in honour of English towns.

Meaning of Chelsea

The meaning of Chelsea is Chalk landing place from the “cealc hyo” where shipments of chalk were received.

Popularity of Chelsea

The popularity of Chelsea in England may have been due to recording artists like Joni Mitchell who popularised the name with her song “Chelsea Morning.” Chelsea’s popularity rose gradually in the 1980s and reached its peak in 1990. From 1991, Chelsea’s popularity continued to decline until it completely disappeared in 2015.

Famous People Named Chelsea

British women named Chelsea include Chelsy Davy, a previous girlfriend of Prince Harry. Chelsee Healey is a British actress born in Salford or Greater Manchester, England. Healey  is famous for the role of Janeece Bryant of the five season television production called Waterloo Road.

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