Meaning and Origin of the Name Courtney

Courtney is an Old French name that was first introduced into England back in 1066. The name Courtney was relevant to the French and was more common among English royal lines, however the name did not become popular in America until the early 1970’s.

In American the name Courtney means court attendant and in French it represents the phrase or term short nose. This term associates with the name Court Nez which means short nose stemming from a medieval hero who lost the tip of his nose in battle.

Variations in the Name Courtney

Courtney is known as a unisex name and can be spelled several different ways such as Kourtney, Kortney, Courtnee and Cortney.

Popularity of the Name

Courtney was not in one the 100 most popular baby girls’ name in England in 2014.

Famous People with the First Name Courtney

Courtney Love
The Famous Singer Courtney Love

Several female celebrities with the name Courtney or (with or without differ of spelling) are Kourtney Kardashian, Courtney Cox, Courtney Love and Courtney Parker. Several men with the name of Courtney include Courtney Vance, Courtney Lewis and Courtney Lee to list a few.

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