Daisy- the Girl’s Name

The English, American, and the Anglo-Saxon meaning of the name Daisy are day’s eye. The feminine name daisy is also associated with the flower Daisy as it opens its petals at the beginning of the day. The name of the flower Daisy is also a synonym for the Sun, as its yellow round center bears a resemblance to the Sun. It is also used as a pet name for Margaret, because it is the French translation of the Marguerite.


The name daisy has always been very popular among American and European baby girls. According to the Office of National Statistics, the girls’ name Daisy is the twentieth most popular baby girl’s name in England in the year 2011. And the name daisy was ranked 166th among the baby girls in the United States in the same year.

Characteristics of People with the Name

The word Daisy has a very bright, wholesome and lively evocation. According to most of the people, the name is very cute and sweet and suits well with girls’ personality. Some special behavioural features have been associated with the people having the name daisy. Such people generally have extraordinary leadership qualities and are completely independent. They generally tend to focus on the bigger picture, and delegate the details. People with name daisy are capable enough to undertake large endeavors and are able to accomplish them well. They have a very charismatic personality and powerfully influence the lives of those they are in touch with. At times they are short tempered with those who disregard the basic human values of truthfulness and discipline. In the situations of failure, they tend to become inflexible and unreasonable.

People Called Daisy

Many literary and television characters like Daisy Miller and Daisy Duke have been named after Daisy. The popularity of the name daisy is such that there are dolls, Disney characters, beauty products, salons, and fashion boutiques, and even dogs after the name daisy. It is an evergreen name and can never get old-fashioned or outdated. Although, the name daisy evokes innocence but at the same time is associated with the powerful characteristic features; thus serving as a perfect name for your new born baby girl. Naming your little one can be a daunting task because it is going to stay with her for the rest of her life. Give careful considerations to all the aspects of a name because it is not just a name but would also shape up her personality!


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