Origin and Meaning of the Baby Names Dawn

The baby name Dawn is a girl name and its origin is English. Dawn means awakening in Anglo-Saxon and American.The English meaning of name Dawn is sunrise, daybreak or first morning light, or aurora. People with this name tend to have desires to take on leadership roles and be independent and provide for themselves. They prefer to focus on major details, events and more important matters. They strive to have harmony and balance in their lives.

Popularity of Dawn

In 2012, Dawn was not ranked in the top hundred girl’s names in England. It is currently ranked 915th of most popular names in the United States and the name was most popular in 1971 in 14th position.

Famous People with the 1st Name Dawn

There are several famous actors, singers, Olympians, basketball players, and politicians with the name Dawn including, Dawn Wells, Dawn French (famous British comedian), Dawn Steele, Dawn Robinson, Dawn Richard, Dawn Oliveri, Dawn Gibbons, Dawn Fraser, Dawn Michelle Staley, and Dawn Harper.

There are also a number of songs with the name Dawn in it: Dolly Dawn by Harry Bellafonte, Dawn Can’t Decide by the Lemonheads, Dawn (Go Away) by the Four Seasons, and Delta Dawn by Helen Reddy and Tanya Tucker.

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