The Name Delia And Its Meaning

The name Delia is taken from a word that was kind of a slur for the god Artemis of the moon. It was turned into many other names, but now it is seen as a nickname for those names.

Someone could be call Bedelia or Cordelia, and they could take this name as a shortened form of their given name. The meaning of Delia makes you always think of the moon, and that makes it a little bit more magical than it could have been at any other time.


Delia was not in the top 100 most popular baby girls’names in 2016 in England.

The popularity of Delia has not peaked all that much because it is kind of seen as a name for an old lady. This is the kind of name that is cute like a storybook character, but then some people perceive it to be older than it is. The name here is one that you will use just because you want to take some of the complications out of the name that you are giving. Some people like to do that because they think that they need to be sure that they have chosen something that is still simple and a little bit timeless that will remind them of history from long ago.

Famous People Called Delia

The most famous English person with the name Delia has to be Delia Smith the celebrity cook and author who’s famous for her home cooking style. She also a shareholder in the football club Norwich City.

Other Delia’s include:

Delia Derbyshire was an English musician and musical composer who composed the music to the Doctor Who TV series.
Delia Fiallo – a Cuban romance author and screenwriter.

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