The meaning of the name Dolly

The name Dolly is a name that has been used for centuries. The name is in most cases short for Dorothy or Dorothea. The Meaning of Dolly is gift from God. The name was in the past very popular in Great Britain.

Famous People Called Dolly

A famous Dolly, Dolly Parton
The signer Dolly Parton

The most famous Dolly of all time is of course Dolly Parton and in her case is it not short of anything at all. The other most famous Dolly was the cloned sheep. This might be why the name Dolly is no longer a very popular name. The popularity of Dolly waned considerably after the 1920’s as the radio and other forms of mass communication were introduced.

Popularity of the Name

Most names are popular the one minute and very unpopular the next. Unfortunately, this is also the case with Dolly. To be honest it deserves much better then it has in the last decennia. Every child that is born is a gift from God and should be named with that in mind.

Dolly is a Unisex Name

It is a misconception that only females are named Dolly. There are also males called Dolly. How ever they are mostly used as nicknames for guys.

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