Doris – Origin and Meaning

The female first name Doris is Greek in origin coming from the Dorian tribe, a group from the 12 c. BCE who occupied the Peloponnese.

In effect the meaning of Doris is “Dorian Woman” but has also been said to mean “gift” or “bountiful” as well. However, the Doris name is also that of a sea nymph, from ancient Greek culture, one of the many children of the water goddess Tethis and god Oceanus.


It had become a common English girl’s name by the 1800s, although the popularity of Doris reached it’s peak in the 1920s, it has seen a steady decline. It is even considered one of a list of “endangered” names, those that have fallen by 98% in prevalence, so it would be ideal for parents looking for a unique and yet somewhat traditional name. Popular nicknames include Dory, which has many variants.

People Called Doris

It is the namesake of a 1889 opera as well as the fictional Doris Crockford from the Harry Potter series. Other famous bearers of the name Doris include: Doris Day and Doris Roberts the American actresses, Doris Lessing who won a Nobel Prize for Literature in 2007 and Doris Duke the American heiress and philanthropist.

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