Meaning and Origin of Dorothy

The Dorothy name is an English female name that comes from the Greek origin of Dorothea. The meaning of Dorothy is God’s Gift.

Variations of the Name

Pet form of the name include Dot and Dotty.


As of 2013, the popularity of Dorothy has dropped tremendously and has decreased in popular since the 1920s.

Famous People with the Name

Dorothy Perkins was a woman that sold fashion goods to women between the ages 25 and 35. She had her shop that was located in the United Kingdom. The variety of goods that was sold varied from non-brand clothing and fashionable brand clothing. The Dorothy Perkins clothing line still ongoing today.

Dorothy Gale is a made up character that had the lead role in the OZ novels. The Dorothy character was created by L. Frank Baum and she initially appeared in “The Wizard of OZ” in 1900.

Dorothy Day was a woman who committed herself to God and God’s services. She had been given the title “Servant of God.” Dorothy was also an American journalist for a Catholic newspaper from 1933 to 1980. During the 1930s, Dorothy had worked with another activist and was able to establish the Catholic Worker Movement. This movement was for providing aid to the homeless and poor.

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