Elaine: its Meaning and Origin

Elaine is a very unique name that has this mystical origin you might not have known about. The name Elaine actually comes from Helen, and it has been used as the daughter of Pelleas in literature. She was also the mother of Galahad in the Arthurian legends. She came to be San outgrowth of Helen as many other names start as nicknames until they are used all the time.


The meaning of Elaine is not set in stone because it comes more from Helen than it has its own meaning. You can see that the popularity of Elaine is not in the top 100 (in England 2016), but that is because it is sometimes seen as a much older name like Helen. The name itself tends to move up and down in popularity, and it could have a resurgence like some other names have had in the past.

Famous People with the name Elaine

The English Singer and Actress Elaine Paige
The English Singer and Actress Elaine Paige

The name is one that you can use because it comes from the Arthurian legends, and it reminds you that you have a lot of ways to work around the way you would name your child after someone.

The most famous English person with this name has to be the singer and actress Elaine Paige. She is especially known for the work that she has done in musical theatre including the Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals Evita and Cats.

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