Meaning and Origin

Elizabeth comes from the Greek Elisabet, which was derived from the Hebrew Elishiva. The meaning of Elizabeth is “oath of God” although the meaning of Elizabeth has also been translated as “my God is abundance”.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II

In the New Testament of the bible, Elizabeth is Mary’s cousin and mother of John the Baptist. Elizabeth is also a Royal name just think of Queen Elizabeth  II.

Variation of the Name

Elisabeth is often spelt Elisabeth and pet forms of the name include Beth, Bet, Liz, Lizzy, Lizzie.

Popularity of Elizabeth

Elizabeth’s popularity was not high in England until the 16th century when the reign of Queen Elizabeth I began. However, Elizabeth’s popularity was high in Eastern Europe and girls were often named Elizabeth to honour the 12th century Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. Before Elizabeth’s popularity rose in England due to the ascension of Queen Elizabeth I to the English throne, Isabel was the common form of the name used in England.

Today, the name Elizabeth remains a popular girls’ name. According to the Office of National Statistics, the name Elizabeth was ranked as the 38th most popular baby girls’ name in England in 2015. It’s popularity is most likely fueled by several famous Elizabeths past and present. Among them Elizabeth Taylor (actress), Elizabeth Hurley (actress) and Elizabeth Olsen (actress).

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