Girls Name Ellie

Loving parent’s put allot of thought into giving their children names. Ellie is a name that continues to be chosen as their most special gift they could receive.

Origins and Meaning

The name Ellie in Greek means light and in English Ellie means foreign or other. In Germanic, you have a whole different meaning which means, “of a noble kind”. Then in Hebrew, you have a religious meaning, “God is perfection”. The name Ellie is extremely versatile when used as a nick name. Many other names that do not look like Ellie will use Ellie as a nickname, Such as Melanie, Melissa, Adelaide, Helen and Rachel. To add to the versatility of the name Ellie, the name can be used for a boy just as well as for a girl. Many Jewish families choose the name Ellie for their son. Although Ellie used as a boys name is not as popular as used for girls.

Popularity of the Name EllieEllie being so versatile with nicknames and the ability for the name to have so many types of meanings was no surprise that the Office of National Statistics states that the English baby girls name Ellie is the 35th most popular name in England in 2012 (ONS).

Famous People Called EllieĀ 

  • Ellie Goulding is a famous singer and song writer.
  • Ellie Penfold is a part time model that is highly sought after by the Pavarotti.
  • Ellie Crisell presents the news on the BBC station.

The animates character Young Ellie from the 2009 movie Up received your name because the actor who played Young Ellie was Ellie Docter.

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