Choosing names for our children is the first important role in a parent’s life. The name gives shape to who your child may become. Picking a name isn’t the easiest thing to do, let’s face it. But maybe the idea of “Emma” would be a good choice.

Meaning and Origin of Emma

The Emma name has a German background, and has dated back to the 18th century. Emma’s meaning in German means ‘whole’ or ‘universal’. Em or Emma happens to be short or a nickname for a few classic and beautiful names as Amelia, Emily, or Emmeline. In England, the name was originally an abbreviation for the girls names Ermintrude and Irmgard.

Famous People Called Emma

With all the young stars who are mentioned in every household, like Emma Watson, Emma Roberts or Emma Stone, the popularity of Emma is strikingly high!

Emma is a royal name also! In history there have been plenty of Emma’s who were Queens, princesses and duchesses!


The name Emma is popular and it is ranked in 50th position for baby girls names in England in 2012 however, it has been even more popular in the United States rising to 2nd position (Social Security statistics 2012).

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