English Names For Girls

English girl's name are popular through the World.
English girl’s name are popular through the World.

This is page is about the history and origin of English names for Girls. See our relevant sections of the website if you are just looking for a comprehensive list of English Girls names or help choosing a baby’s name.

The origins of English names are almost infinite: what people look like, nicknames, where they are from, objects and even what were their trade. As you will see in our comprehensive list of English girls names many of the names are influenced by other languages; Celtic, Latin, French, Greek and Germanic names.

Some Anglicized girls names include:

For more examples see our English girls names section.

Other English names for girls are influenced from the bible and religion for example Deborah and Eve.

You’ll find that some English girl’s name originate from nature example of which are: Holly, Rosemary, Ivy and Daisy just to name a few. Other names are influenced by seasons of the year April and Summer.

Names are being created all the time many of them are influence by other names. You’ll also be surprised that some girls names are created by combining 2 or more names to form a new name an example of which is Amelia which is formed by combining the names Emilia and Amalia. Another common source of new names are the pet forms of a name becoming a name in its own right (Ellie originating from the name Helen).

Popularity of the Names

The popularity of many of English girls names are quite cyclic and therefore fade in and our of fashion. You can find the current 10 most popular English girls names in England here.