Meaning and Origin of the Name Eve

The meaning of Eve in the UK means a biblical name. The meaning of Eve in the US means life and comes from the Hebrew origin. The name Eve has been given the meaning of living in which that makes it more traditional. The name eve is referred to “Adam and Eve” in multiple religious aspects. In the Book of Genesis Eve was the first woman created by God and Adam was created to be her companion.


Eve was not in the 100 most popular baby girl’s name in England in 2012 (Office of National Statistics), but the similar sounding Evelyn was in 57th position.

Famous People

Eve Muirhead is a Scottish curler. During the 2014 Olympic games she was given the title of becoming the youngest ever to win an Olympic medal, even though it was bronze. She curls at a curling club that’s in Pitlochry. She has appeared in many championship games for curling.
Eve Myles is a Welsh actress who had started her career back in 1999. From the start of her career up to 2013 she has played and stared in many types of movies and TV shows. So far in her career she has done four radio broadcasts, and three theatre productions.

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