Meaning and Origin of the Name Faye

Faye, (Fa-ye), is a simple, elegant English name. The name Faye has old English origins and is widely used in the English language. Other data¬†also suggest that Faye is also popular in France where you’ll find a couple of villages bearing the name.

The meaning of Faye is derived from the old English world fairy. Modern day meanings of Faye are also; confidence, trust, and belief.

Popularity of the Name

The name became popular around 1934. The popularity of Faye, according to the US government Social Security Administration database it was ranked at 908th in the year 2014. Faye was also not register amongst the top 100 baby girls names in England in 2013.

Many popular Americans have shared the beautiful name of Faye.

Famous People with the Name

King Arthur’s sister was called ‘Morgan le Faye’.

Faye Dunaway is famous actress mostly known for her roll as Diana Christensen in the 1976 film, Network.

Also sharing this name to note is famous snowboarder Faye Gulini and from Northampton in England is the singer Faye Tozer from the pop band Steps.

Name Summary

Faye is a simple, yet strong name that carries so much meaning. Any girl who carries around the name Faye, as either a first name or a middle name, carries confidence, trust, and belief. The history of Faye and the origin alone hold so much meaning for the name Faye.

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