Meaning and History of the Name Flora

The name Flora means flower. It is the name for the Roman goddess.

It has been used as a name since the Renaissance, beginning in France. The origin of the name is Italian. It is a unique name. It is such a simple name, yet so pretty. The name was born in Roman mythology.

The meaning of Flora means being pleasant, home-loving, courteous and outgoing. It also means compassionate and a great lover.

Popularity of the Name

It was in the top list of popular names in the 1880’s and 1890’s. It is popular in European countries especially in Hungary and France. In Scotland, Flora is also a favourite name.

The popularity of Flora went down in 1972 but it remains popular in some places. In 2015, Flora was not in the top 100 girls names in England.

Variations in the Name

Florence and Florrie are variations on the name Flora.

Famous People Called Flora

Some famous people with this name are the mother of Walt Disney, Coquerel, Miss France Universe 2015, Purim, Brazilian jazz singer and Nolan, daughter of director Christopher Nolan and producer Emma Thomas.

There are tons of famous women out there with this name. It is also a Latin baby name.

Meaning and History of the Name Flora

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