Florence is a name most commonly associated with England, Italy and France. In fact, the Office of National Statistics claims it is well within the 50 most popular names for baby girls in England (33rd position in 2012). The Florence name and its derivatives also remain popular in Spanish-speaking countries.

 Meaning of the name Florence

One of the reasons so many people choose the Florence name is its significant meaning. Florence comes from the Latin name Florentia, which is a reference to something that is prosperous or flourishing.

Due to the Florence name popularity, there are many variations of the name. A common name in Spanish-speaking countries like Argentina is the derivative Florencia. In the United States, Florence name popularity peaked between 1900 and 1940 but has been fading since. It still remains popular in parts of Canada and England. Common nicknames for the name include Flo, Florie and Flossy.

Famous People Called Florence

The name gained much traction when Florence Nightingale was named after the Italian city she was born in. She was a nurse for soldiers during the Crimean War and was later known as the founder of modern nursing. Other people with the name include singers Florence Ballard and Florence Welch in addition to actress Florence Delay.

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