The Beautiful Girl’s name Florrie

Florrie is a beautiful English name that is old-school and highly valued. Learn more about the origin, meaning and popularity of the name Florrie below.

Meaning of Florrie

Flora Roman Goddess
Flora the Roman Goddess of flowers

The name Florrie is derived from the latin word Flora, which is the mythological roman goddess of Spring, flowers, and nature.

Popularity of Florrie

According to the latest stats by the government (2015), Florrie was not in the top 100 of baby names in England . This makes it a rare and unique name.

Famous People Called Florrie

There are many famous English people with the name Florrie, here are a few below:

  • Florence (Florrie) Ellen Arnold – a famous current English pop star and model who will release her debut album in 2016.
  • Florrie Forde – a famous Australian singer and entertainer in the early 1900’s. She ran away from home at the age of sixteen to start her music career!
  • Florrie Duggar – a previous American child actress who later joined the Air Force Medical Corps


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