Meaning and Origin of the Name Gail

Gail is typically a name given to young girls in English and Scottish society. Parents may be inspired by some of the people that have been named Gail beforehand. It is a shortened form of the biblical name Abigail.

That has added to the popularity of the name Gail so far. The meaning of Gail may vary, but it is derived from biblical origin.


Gail was not listed in the top 100 English names of 2016. Its popularity may have diminished over the years among English families, its peek being in the 1950s to 1960s. But parents can take pride in the name that they have chosen. Assign Gayle to a baby girl to keep her feeling special. Loving parents will find something they enjoy about the name. That has kept the name in conversation among many people.

Famous People With the Name Gail

Gail from the Soap Coronation Street
Gail from the Soap Coronation Street

The popularity of Gail as a name has remained steady over time.

Gail Boggs and Gail Fisher were American actresses that enjoyed success with their name. Gail Emms and Gail Devers were athletes that were well known by their first name.

Parents will be amazed by the people who have had the name Gail before now. Gayle is another derived name, which may be popular among British families out there.

The most famous factional Gail in England at the moment must be Gail McIntyre from the Manchester based ITV soap opera, Coronation Street.


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