Meaning and History of the Name Gaynor

Gaynor Faye a popular English actress
Gaynor Faye is a popular English actress

One of the names that has been popular at different times throughout history is Gaynor. Gaynor has fallen out of favor in recent times but it used to be a rather popular British name over time.

Historically, the meaning of Gaynor is a derivative of the name Guinevere. Guinevere means white and smooth, or fair lady; the use of Gaynor is closely tied to other popular names like Jennifer, and Gwendolyn.

Guinevere was King Arthur’s beautiful queen in Arthurian legend, and both Gaynor and the more well known Guinevere, are Welsh in origin. Interestingly, as mentioned, the much more popular name Jennifer also derives from Guinevere, Gaynor never had the popularity of Guinevere.


The popularity of Gaynor is one that has waxed and waned throughout the years. It is currently not one of the top 100 British names as of the last census of names.

Famous People with the name Gaynor

Gaynor is more typically found as a last name as in the pop star Gloria Gaynor.

Gaynor Barnes is a popular British Journalist and TV presenter as many people know. The name Gaynor has also been used as a man’s name, and is used as an Irish name in that context.

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