Meaning and Origin of Georgia

The meaning of Georgia is of English origin meaning farmer, and the Georgia name is the feminine form of George.


Georgia is currently a popular name and it was the 61st most popular baby girls’s name in England in 2013 (data from National Office of Statistics). It was even more popular in Scotland in the same year in 52nd position.

Famous People Called Georgia

Georgia May Foote is an English actress who has played in a TV show named “Grange Hill”, and now is playing a role in another TV series named “Coronation Street.” So far in Georgia’s career she has only played just small parts in a few TV series.

Georgia Moffett is an English actress who was born into a family of actors. Both of her parents are actors, her mother and father are still present actors. Georgia’s first introduction into TV show’s was when she was 15. She has had roles in TV drama’s and has even played roles together with her father.

Georgia May Jagger is an English Fashion Model. She is the youngest child that was born to Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, who was also a model. In 2008, Georgia had signed with a company named Independent Models. TESS management is currently representing Georgia. In 2009, Rimmel had signed on Georgia for their cosmetics line.

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