Meaning of the Name Haley

The name Haley is a female name of Old English origins. The meaning of Haley is hay meadow or from the hay clearing. The Scandinavian meaning of Haley is heroine.

Variations in the Name

There are about 7 or so variations on the spelling of the name Haley as follows;
Hailey, Hailie, Hailee, Haleigh, Haylee, Hayleigh and Haylie.

Name Popularity

The popularity of Haley didn’t make the top 100 of popular girls names in England (in 2014), but is a prominent, common used female name.

Famous People Called Haley

A few famous people who are named Haley include Haley Taylor, an American singer-songwriter and actress. Many of her songs have been used in popular TV sitcoms. Another actress, Haley Atwell, a British-American actress.

There’s also Haley Cropper, who is a popular character in a British soap opera. There’s also Hayley Mills, a British child actress, though she spells her name differently than the others mentioned.


The name Haley is a great name option for a little girl. It’s a sweet and pretty name. It is grouped in what is called flower names. The only difficult thing about choosing Haley for your little girl’s name is going to be deciding how to spell it.

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