Meaning and Origin of the Name Harriet

The name Harriet is the English version of the French name Henriette and a female form of Harry. All of these names originate from the Germanic name Heimiric like Harriet meaning home (heim) and power or ruler (ric), ultimately Harriet meaning the “Ruler of the Home.”.


First used in the 17th century the popularity of Harriet had risen and it had become a fairly common name in English-speaking countries by the 18th century. Although the popularity of Harriet has been on the wane in recent years (it is the 66th most popular baby girl’s name in England in 2012 according to the Office of National Statistics) that may be a boon to those looking for a unique or unusual baby name or for those looking for a more traditional name with a historic background or meaning.

Famous People with the First Name Harriet

Some famous bearers of the name Harriet are: Harriet Arbuthnot the famed English diarist, the actress Harriet Walter, Harriet Beecher Stowe the American abolitionist, Harriet Harman the politician and Harriet Elphinstone-Dick the English-Australian swimming champion.

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