Meaning of the name Honey

The name Honey is a simple exciting English girl’s name. In retrospective, the meaning of honey is sweet, borrowing similarities with nature of actual food honey. Cross comparison meaning, include adorable, beloved or sweetheart. The name has a frequent mention in households to display tender affection to others.

The popularity of honey is intermediate, according to the office for national statistics 2015 report, the name did not feature on the top 100 shared. This makes it an ideally ripe name for the newborn.

Traits of People with the Name

Experts on naming often state that people with the name honey tend to possess a stable persona. They stand up for a true and just cause. Many try to use their skills to impact others in a positive manner. They value their belief and ready to open the world to them.

Meaning of the name Honey

Popular figures that have adopted the name include TV personality Fearne Cotton for her second child. It was also featured in the James Bond novel and movie. Actor Jack Nicholson’s daughter holds a similar name. Ironically, one of the drummers of the honeycomb band holds the name legally. Across borders, the popularity of honey is upheld with several accomplished people having the same.

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