The name Imogen is a Celtic name that means “beloved child” or “maiden”. It’s a Shakespearean name that has been popular in England and may have been derived from “Innogen”. Shakespeare used the name in his play “Cymbeline” for a character who is charming and impetuous. The name has connotations of the perfect heroine because of the play. Additionally, the name appeared in Sir Walter Scott’s novel “The Heart of Midlothian”.


Imogen is the 37th most popular baby girl’s name in England in 2012 (Office of National Statistics) but it is not popular in the United States. “Immy” is the diminutive for the name but “Idgie” has also been used.

Where you might come across the name Imogen?

Imogen appears in other fields beside literature. There is a BBC micro-computer game with the same name as well as a piece of instrumental music written by Les Reed in 1967. There have been six Royal Navy ships named Imogen or Imogene.

Famous people with the name are actresses Imogene Coca, Imogen Stubbs and Imogen Thomas.


Variants of the name include: Emogen, Emogene, Imojeen, Imojean, Imogine, and Imogenia.

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